Matthew Groat

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Software Projects

Combined Board Game Library - A web utility that uses the BoardGameGeek API to show the combined collection of a group of players
Reddit Robots - A bookmarklet that gives a unique icon to every comment on a Reddit thread. Uses icons generated by RoboHash.
Checklist Shuffle - A checklist app that allows users to create a checklist where some items can be postponed while others need to be completed to move on.
Background Pomodoro - A browser-based Pomodoro timer that can run in the background and alerts the user when workcycles begin by subtle sounds and notifications.
Chromecast Gallery - A gallery that cycles through Chromecast background images. It uses the list of Chromecast backgrounds maintained by dconnoly. You can also see it on CodePen.
Print Test - This page can be used as a quick test to see if your browser supports CSS page break styles.